December 1, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

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37 Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas (Quick & Healthy)

If your weekly lunch menu is feeling stale, try these sensational vegan lunch ideas to brighten things up!

They’re quick, healthy, and super filling.

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Vegan Tofu and Vegetable Tortilla Wraps

If you’re new to the meat-free world, you’ll likely already know it can be challenging to make hearty and diverse meals every day.

There are only so many salads and grain bowls you can eat, right?

But if you look hard enough, you’ll find some pretty incredible vegan lunch ideas.

And I’ve done the legwork for you, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and food blogs.

You’re welcome! Enjoy!

35+ Best Vegan Lunch Recipes for Everyone to Enjoy

This Buddha bowl is just as colorful as it is delicious!

You’ll team quinoa with kale, chickpeas, carrots, and spinach to give you a bowl bursting with nutrition.

For flavor, you’ll add a bright and fiery spice mix of turmeric, cayenne, paprika, salt, and pepper.

The best part? Tying all the flavors together is a garlic and avocado dressing that’s creamy and delectable. Yum!

The thing I love about veganism is that you get to eat carbs. I’m talking rice, potatoes, bread, and my favorite – pasta.

This sauce features almond milk thickened with flour, and it’s made extra tasty with garlic, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast.

Toss the pasta and sauce together with roasted tomatoes, and your mouthwatering lunch is ready to serve.

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Let’s be honest; burritos are delicious no matter what you put in them! 

It’s all thanks to the soft flour tortillas and the lively mix of rice, beans, corn, vegetables, guac, salsa, or creamy sauce.

And no, there’s no meat in that mix – and you don’t need it!

If you don’t believe me, give this recipe a try.

With just chickpeas, spinach, and avocado slices, these wraps aren’t as festive as the burritos above.

That said, the flavors more than make up for the lack of color. 

You’ll puree chickpeas with Sriracha, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice, creating a wonderful harmony of creamy, salty, and garlicky flavors. 

Then, the tang from the lemon juice provides a nice balance to the savory filling.

If you’ve never tried cauliflower rice before, let this be a sign. It’s a terrific low-carb rice alternative, and it’s super easy to make at home.

Plus, the Asian slaw and sweet-spicy peanut dressing is more than enough to dress it up.

This sandwich is filled to the brim with stacks of veggies and hummus. Each bite overflows with happy flavors and textures!

It’s not only delicious and nutritious but unbelievably simple to make too.

It’s the kind of lunch you should go for when you’re hungry but don’t have time to make an elaborate dish.

The only real prep work is slicing the cucumber, tomato, and bell peppers. After that, the rest comes easy.

Also, feel free to add whatever other crunchy veggies you have on hand. The more, the merrier!

Loaded with chickpeas, chopped cucumber, tomato, lettuce, pepperoncini, and red onion, this salad has all the colors of the rainbow.

Meanwhile, the red wine and mustard vinaigrette give it a bright lift of refreshing flavors.

Chopped into bite-sized pieces, every mouthful of this is a delight.

While traditional nachos are usually covered with ground beef, there’s no rule that says you have to add meat.

And though these bad boys are entirely plant-based, they’re still addictive. 

From the crunch of the tortillas to the mouthwatering toppings and a creamy “cheese” sauce to boot, these nachos are fun, festive, and flavorful.

The colors of this hummus bowl alone are enough to make me drool. It’s definitely happiness in a bowl!

Quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, and a creamy chickpea dressing unite to bring you a meat-free lunch you’ll crave day after day.

The quinoa and chickpeas ensure this bowl is hearty and rich in fiber. And the vegetables are nutritious, colorful and offer plenty of crunch.

Rich, creamy, and delectable, this tuna salad tastes just like the classic sandwich filling – just without the tuna, of course.

The trick is to mix in nori (seaweed sheets used to wrap sushi) to give the salad that salty and briny seafood flavor.

Whether you serve it on bread or as a lettuce wrap, this faux tuna salad won’t disappoint.

If you’re a fan of sweet, savory, and spicy entrees, you can always count on these stuffed sweet potatoes.

Think classic baked potatoes, but with a little bit of sweetness and a whole lot of spice.

You’ll need chickpeas seasoned with tons of Indian spices and roasted to golden perfection.

Their crispy warmth pairs wonderfully with the sweet and fluffy potato filling.

Roasted Brussels sprouts are fantastic, but give this recipe a try if you want to give them a little more oomph.

Shred some sprouts in a food processor to make it quick. Or buy them pre-shredded if you can find them!

Then, sauté the greens with chopped pecans, hemp seeds, and dried cranberries.

Season with rosemary and balsamic, and voila, you’ve got yourself a healthy salad full of fun textures and flavors.

Whip up this vibrant salad for a refreshing summer lunch!

Loaded with leafy greens, veggies, quinoa, almonds, and fresh strawberries, this salad is as bright and tasty as can be.

Throw in some tofu feta cheese for a salty and nutty flavor contrast. Then add a sweet and tangy strawberry vinaigrette. Yum!

Eggs are usually a no-no for vegans (depending on how strict you are). So, you might think this is an oversight on my end.

But nope. This “egg” salad truly and definitely belongs in this vegan roundup.

It looks like an egg salad and tastes like an egg salad. But remarkably, not one egg was cracked in the making of this dish. 

The secret weapon? Silken tofu!

When chopped or mashed and mixed with mayo, mustard, chives, and spices, it’s able to mimic the taste and texture of real eggs.

Impressive, amirite

Here’s another recipe that highlights the versatility of tofu. 

In the previous recipe, you’ll use tofu to mimic hard-boiled eggs. In this one, you’ll use it as an alternative to chicken.

Here, the tofu slices are coated with oat batter and baked to golden perfection. The slices are then drenched in buffalo sauce to complete the transformation.

Fill tortillas with buffalo tofu, tomato, avocado, hummus, and any additional toppings you like.

Roll the wraps and enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I think fried rice is such a fantastic dish. It’s comforting, savory, and easy to modify.

It’s also ideal if you have leftover rice that needs to be used up!

(If you use fresh rice, it’s best to pre-make it early and let it go cold in the fridge; otherwise, it turns to mush in the pan.)

Of course, I usually add eggs and meat to the pan. But this recipe keeps it simple.

You’ll need onions, edamame, peas, carrots, and a nice savory sauce to bring it all together. Delish!

If you’re not familiar with Peruvian cuisine, here’s one thing you should know: their sandwiches over there are insanely good.

And this vegan sandwich is no exception.

Also known as vegetales sanguche, it’s filled with layers of zucchini, peppers, and mushrooms roasted in a Peruvian spice mix.

A blend of garlic powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, salt, and pepper, the Peruvian mix lends spicy and smoky flavors to the vegetables.

The sandwich also contains avocado slices for creaminess and pickled onions for crunch, and a strong flavor punch.

A crossover between pepperoni pizza and a panini, this next vegan dish will no doubt put a smile on your face.

It’s basically a grilled panini filled with vegan pepperoni, vegan mozzarella, and marinara. So it’s a sandwich that tastes like pizza.

Need I say more?

And, oh yeah, it’s 100% vegan! 

Filled with red, orange, green, violet, and more, these hearty rice bowls definitely live up to their name.

They’re topped with edamame seeds, mushrooms, and a vibrant array of vegetables.

But don’t worry, they’re not just colorful. They’re also chock-full of textures, flavors, and nutrients.

Drizzled with sweet, golden teriyaki sauce, they’re impossible to resist.

This bowl has all the fantastic components of a burrito, minus the wrapper. 

I love that everything is arranged on top to give you the full effect of what’s to come. It’s such a creative, colorful, and mouthwatering presentation.

And between the cilantro-lime brown rice, black beans, pickled onions, and a cilantro and hemp pesto, it’s just as tasty as it looks.

Hearty, warming, and brimming with flavor, this spiced chickpea bowl is the perfect winter lunch.

The base is a mix of sweet potatoes and chickpeas roasted in a marinade of oil, cumin, cinnamon, and allspice.

That blend ensures you have plenty of warmth to keep you cozy.

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle over some pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries for the perfect finish.

Here’s yet another recipe that proves how reliable and versatile tofu is.

If you’re new to the vegan diet and craving a meaty and juicy sandwich, here’s the solution.

Marinate tofu in your favorite BBQ sauce, pan-fry it and serve it in burger buns. It’s simple, but it sure hits the spot.

Serve it with some crunchy slaw, and it’s enough to make you drool!

This Levantine salad features chopped vegetables and bulgur wheat dressed with a zippy citrusy vinaigrette.

What makes tabbouleh stand out is all the chopped parsley. In fact, this salad is mostly parsley!

So, if you like peppery and earthy flavors, this recipe is absolutely a must-try.

Also included here are chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onion, spring onions, and bulgur.

The bulgur adds not only flavor and texture but also a ton of fiber – twice as much as rice.

Made mainly from chickpeas, this popular Middle Eastern dish is naturally vegan. It’s also utterly delish.

With a crunchy golden exterior and savory interior, these fritters can be very addictive.

And they get even more irresistible when dunked in creamy and peppery garlic dill sauce (included in the recipe).

In the mood for a refreshing lunch with a Vietnamese twist? This noodle salad is chock-full of exciting flavors and textures.

A mix of vermicelli rice noodles, cucumber, carrots, fresh herbs, and a tangy Vietnamese dressing, it’s surprisingly easy to whip up.

The basil, cilantro, scallions, and mint are peppery, earthy, and wonderfully fresh. Meanwhile, there’s jalapeńos for a kick of heat.

Throw some chopped nuts on top for crunch, and you’re good to go.

If you’re after something a little more hearty, you’ll want to give this ridiculously creamy pumpkin mac ‘n cheese a whirl.

Just because you can’t have dairy doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in mac ‘n cheese, you know!

You’ll use roasted pumpkin, almond milk, nutritional yeast, and garlic to create a luscious sauce.

Be sure to roast the pumpkin to amplify the sweetness and give it a nice smoky flavor.

This recipe is super tasty and so good, I bet the kids will want seconds!

Fluffy pita filled with spicy mushrooms, tomatoes, and cucumbers, served with garlicky tzatziki sauce? This Greek dish sounds too good to be true!

While gyros are traditionally filled with roasted meat, this version features impossibly meaty oyster mushrooms and caramelized onions.

And when you add the punchy spices and toppings, you’d never know this was meat-free.

Broccoli salad is light, colorful, and delightfully crunchy. But let’s be honest, it’s not the most filling.

The solution? Add pasta!

Those extra carbs turn this into a hearty meal, and the creamy hemp pesto ensures every bite is herbaceous and flavorful.

And as a bonus, this dish is gluten-free with the right kind of pasta. 

If you hate boring salads, this one’s a must-try.

It mixes couscous, zucchini, bell peppers, pomegranate seeds, orange wedges, raisins, and figs. So yeah, boring it ain’t!

Give it a bright Moroccan flair with spices like ginger, paprika, and cumin, and serve it with crispy tofu if you want extra protein.

If you’re not a fan of overly green salads, I’m positive this one will change your mind.

In fact, one bite, and you’ll see why the title says “from heaven”!

Between the greens, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and a sweet balsamic maple vinaigrette, it’s simple but divine!

This white bean salad is so good, you’ll want it for lunch and dinner.

Filled with cannellini beans, artichokes, edamame, capers, pine nuts, and vegan feta, it’s a total powerhouse of flavor and texture!

The lemon vinaigrette is seasoned with oregano, dill, salt, and pepper, packing in plenty of savory, earthy, and tangy flavors to boot.

Plant-based tuna sushi bowls? It doesn’t sound feasible, but with this recipe, nothing’s impossible. 

The trick here is to use boiled and peeled tomatoes. Once they soak up the flavors of the soy sauce and ginger marinade, they’ll taste just like tuna poke!

Take your favorite millennial breakfast to the next level with this super simple avocado toast recipe!

Instead of just mashed or sliced avocado, this dish also features white beans, giving the already creamy sandwich filling an extra dose of creaminess.

And while the recipe doesn’t say to toast the bread, I highly recommend it. That crunch is so yummy against the creamy filling.

This recipe combines shredded carrots, cabbage, nutty quinoa, and a rich peanut sauce.

The result? A scrumptious salad you’ll crave again and again!

While the vegetables and quinoa are both essential to the success of Thai salad, it’s the peanut sauce that steals the show.

Blend peanut butter with soy sauce, maple syrup, ginger, and sesame oil, and then try not to eat it with a spoon!

Overflowing with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, kale, and avocado, this salad is wonderfully hearty, healthy, and oh-so-delicious.

The dressing is a bright, creamy, tangy, and tangy delight with a blend of pureed cashews, cilantro, and lime.

Say hello to this bright and beautiful hummus Buddha bowl!

Featuring fried smoked tofu, turmeric rice, vegetables, and hummus, it’ll fill your taste buds with joy and your body with nutrition.

What more could you ask?

Let’s end this list with a bang, shall we?

You’ll be wowed at how this chickpea salad sandwich tastes so similar to jalapeño poppers! 

Filled with chickpeas, jalapeños, and vegetables tossed in tofu sauce, it’s rich and creamy with a spicy kick.

Vegan Lunch Ideas