December 4, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

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7 Healthy Breakfast Food which will Help you Lose Weight

When you are trying to lose weight, breakfast can help set the tone for the rest of the day. If you try to consume wrong food, it can amplify your craving and set you for failure, even before the day begins.

1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein and a wealth of significant vitamins as well as minerals such as selenium and riboflavin, eggs are no less true powerhouse of nutrition.

As per one study, it has found that, about 30 overweight women, who have been eating eggs for breakfast significantly increased the feeling of fullness and reduced food intake later in the day, when compared to eating bagel.

2. Bananas

Bananas in high in fiber, but they are low in calories, they are a great alternative to sugary breakfast such as cereals in order to satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning.

One medium banana has just over 100 calories, but yet it packs about 3 grams of dietary fiber, thus knocking out about 12% of your daily fiber needs in one shot.

3. Yoghurt

Creamy, delicious and satisfying, yoghurt helps make an excellent addition to a weight loss diet, especially Greek Yoghurt helps deliver a hearty chunk of protein in every serving, thus making it an ideal weight loss breakfast food.

As per one study, relating to 20 women, it has been found that eating high-protein yoghurt as a snack helped in decreased levels of hunger and reduced food intake by about 100 calories in the day when compared to unhealthy snacks such as chocolate and crackers.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are quick and easy way, which will help obtain a concentrated dose of nutrients, they also help double as convenient breakfast item, which can accelerate the weight loss.

For an easy weight loss smoothie, blend one cup (240 ml) of milk with a handful of leafy greens, two tablespoons (28 grams) of chia seeds and one cup (144 grams) of strawberries.

Smoothies can be a convenient way to increase your intake of fiber and protein to reduce your hunger and increase weight loss. One should make sure, not to add too many high-calorie ingredients.

5. Berries

Berry varieties such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all incredibly nutrient-dense, meaning they are low in calories but packed with essential nutrients.

As per one study relating to 12 women found that swapping a high-sugar afternoon snack for a serving of mixed berries reduced calorie intake, later in the day by an average of 133 calories.

6. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a popular component of numerous diets and weight loss programs and for good reason.

Fresh grapefruit slices make a great addition to a well-rounded breakfast, you can also add grapefruit to pafaits, smoothies or fruit salads.

Grapefruits are low in calories, high in water and rich in fiber, studies show that they might increase weight loss and reduce calorie intake and body fat.

7. Coffee

One study has been conducted, taken into account about, 58,517 adults, the result showed that coffee might aid long-term weight control, as increased coffee intake was associated with less weight gain over a 12-year, period.

Coffee has been shown to increase metabolism and fat burning. Long-term coffee consumptions might also aid weight control.