December 1, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

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7 No-Fuss, No-Cook Breakfast Recipes That Wont Even Make You Turn On The Gas

What’s for breakfast? Chances are there’s nothing yet. Most of us snooze the alarm too many times only to wake in a startle, realising we are already late. That leaves no time to cook a lavish breakfast spread. For all these days that come in our life more often than we’d like to admit, we have some insanely good breakfast ideas. How about knowing that you won’t even have to turn on the gas to cook your breakfast and catch some more Z’s? We know you are already curious to find out.  

We have compiled a list of no-cook breakfast recipes that can be rustled up in no time without actually cooking.  

Here’re 7 No-Cook Recipes For Quick Breakfast: 

1. Peanut Butter Toast 

Full of proteins, peanut butter is actually considered healthy food that energises you with healthy fats too. Just spread it generously on your toasted bread and enjoy its deliciousness.  


Peanut butter toast is delicious and super easy to make. 

2. Breakfast Cereals 

All you need to do to make a bowl of cereals is combine your choice of cereals like cornflakes and muesli with milk, fruits, nuts and seeds. Mix well and give your morning a kick-start. Here are some breakfast cereal recipes you can try. 

3. Coleslaw 

No cooking, just chopping. Make creamy and yummy coleslaw with carrot, onions, cabbage, mayonnaise and seasoning of your choice. Use it as a dip or as a sandwich spread. Here’s how to make the perfect coleslaw.

4. Cucumber, Olive And Mint Salad 

This refreshing salad can be made quickly by just mixing everything up in a bowl and seasoning it. Throw in chopped cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives and mint leaves in a bowl. The addition of lemon juice and olive oil makes it quite a hearty meal. Click here for the recipe. 

5. Compressed Fruit Chaat 

The best time to have fruits is in the morning. This makes fruit chaat the perfect breakfast meal. Make this compressed fruit chaat with a mash-up of fruit chunks and fruit juices. Click here for the recipe. 

6. Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad 

Two of the best summer-favourite foods get together to make this deliciously refreshing salad that is super easy to make. Try this watermelon and feta cheese salad before the summer season ends.  

7. Breakfast Smoothies 

Smoothies can be a wholesome meal if made with a mélange of fruits, oats, nuts, seeds and healthy sweeteners like honey. The addition of milk or curd makes it even better. Here are some smoothie recipes you must definitely try.  


Smoothies are a heathy and nutritious drink. 

Never go a day without having the most important meal with these no-fire, easy breakfast recipes.