December 5, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

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Best and worst breakfast choices for people with diabetes | Health

Breakfast, no doubt the most important meal of the day, serves many purposes from energising us for the day ahead, stimulating the brain, to kickstarting metabolism. Eating in the morning is also good for managing blood sugar levels, especially for people with diabetes who are often at risk of fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Research shows that people with diabetes who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat throughout the day. (Also read: Healthy breakfast ideas: Eggs to poha; 5 protein-rich foods to start your day with)

However, choice of breakfast is equally important for people suffering from the metabolic disorder as consuming high-GI foods in the morning can play havoc with your blood sugar levels later in the day. A combination of fibre, complex carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vegetables is an ideal breakfast choice for those suffering from diabetes, tells Avantii Deshpande, PCOS and Gut Health Nutritionist in an interaction with HT Digital. She says that “every meal is an opportunity to nourish the body along with slow release of sugar into the blood which in turn will have controlled release of insulin.”

One should avoid eating high-GI foods such as sugary drinks, white bread, potatoes etc in breakfast. “A high-glycemic load diet, rich in high-GI foods, may lead to reactive hypoglycemia such that the drop in blood sugar 5 h after the meal may resemble that experience after skipping the breakfast meal altogether,” says a National Library of Medicine research.

Power of protein

Dals, nuts, milk products, soy, seeds, eggs, chicken or fish not just help with muscle health but also in better sugar control and satiety. It’s a boon for people with diabetes, says Avantii, as protein foods do not require insulin for its digestion which makes it a good choice for diabetics as it will ensure fullness and nourishment as well.

Insoluble fibres

The nutritionist says insoluble fibre from the skin of fruits and vegetables we consume play a significant role in the management of diabetes. Explaining the role of of insoluble fibres on the insulin hormones, Avantii says, “insoluble fibre will increase the transit time of the foods in the gut, which causes a slow release of the sugar in the blood stream aiding in slow release of the insulin hormone.”

Good fats

The Gut Health expert says the fats have an important role to play in better sugar control as they tend to slow down the sugar release. “Good fats from nuts like almonds and walnuts or seeds like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Coconut oil are high in MCT and will help in weight management and also slow release of sugar. 1 tsp of coconut oil in morning on an empty stomach will help in the reducing sugar cravings caused due to the diabetes medication,” says the nutritionist.

Avantii Deshpaande also shared what a person with diabetes should eat and avoid in breakfast.

Best breakfast choice for diabetes

Avantii advises one to include all food groups, be it protein, fats, fibre-rich fruits or vegetables and complex carbs in breakfast to manage sugar levels better.

Here are some best breakfast choices for management of diabetes

Best breakfast choices for diabetes  Food groups  Calories Protein
2 Methi paratha + 1 cup low fat curds + 2 tbsp flax seeds  chutney  Protein, good fats , complex carbs, vegetable group  300 kcal 8-10 g
Mango 1 cup + curds 1 cup/almond milk 1 cup + chia seeds 1 tbsp + 3-4 spinach leaves  Protein, good fats , complex carbs, vegetable group 280 kcal 280 kcal
Eggs 1 no + millet roti/phulka  1 no + 1 bowl of fruit Eggs 1 no + millet roti/phulka  1 no + 1 bowl of fruit  250 kcal 250 kcal

Worst breakfast choices for diabetes

Worst breakfast choices for diabetes Food groups  Missing food groups Calories Protein
Pohe 2 cups + tea  Complex carbs Protein , good fats and fibre 300 kcal 4 g
Upma 2 cups + fruit 1 bowl Complex carbs + fibre (high in fructose too) Protein , good fats  300 kcal 4 g
Aloo paratha + curds Complex carbs + protein Good fats + fibre 350 kcal 6 g

If you are suffering from diabetes, breakfast can make all the difference in management of the metabolic disorder.