November 30, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

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High blood sugar: 7 healthy breakfast options for diabetics – check list | Health News

Breakfast for diabetics: If you have high blood sugar, food choices become restricted. One has to be careful to not only avoid sugar but also food with a high Glycemic Index and those that lead to a spike in blood sugar post-consumption. A healthy start to the day is very essential and therefore, the choice of breakfast is very important. Here are 7 healthy Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics.

Besan Chilla: Made with gram flour or besan and fresh vegetables, Besan Chilla is a very good breakfast option. To ensure it’s healthy, use as less oil as possible. Also, limit the amount of salt used.

Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein, be it scrambled, boiled or poached, and protein takes longer to digest. This means it helps keep blood sugar levels steady for a longer period. You can make healthy omelettes using mushrooms, veggies etc. You can also have it in the form of an egg sandwich, just make sure to use multi-grain bread.

Methi paratha: Made with fresh methi leaves or kasturi methi, methi paranthas are good for diabetics as they lower one’s blood sugar levels. The flour used should have a low glycemic index and be diabetic-friendly.

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Cottage cheese with fruits or cottage cheese paratha: A powerhouse of protein, cottage cheese is the best cheese choice for those with high blood sugar, says American Diabetes Association. A multigrain paratha with low-fat cottage cheese and made of less oil can be an ideal Indian breakfast for diabetics. If you don’t want to have parathas, low-fat cottage cheese with fruits can also make for a filling breakfast.

Sprouts: Healthy and tasty, this is an apt breakfast choice for diabetics. To your bowl of sprouts, add chopped cucumber, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes and drizzle lemon and add a dash of salt and pepper. 

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Oats omelette: Oats omelette can be a good breakfast option for diabetics. Add plain oats to eggs and loads of veggies to make oats omelette and enjoy a healthy, filling breakfast!

Avocado toast: Packed with fibre and monounsaturated fatty acids, avocados help to prevent a spike in blood sugar levels after eating. A multigrain avocado toast is a simple and healthy breakfast option for diabetics. 

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