December 4, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

I really like this Healthy Breakfast

It’s a Buttery Feast with Arla’s Lurpak

Since 1901, Lurpak by Arla has taken an unwavering approach to producing real, high-quality butter. Pure organic cream from Danish cows is used to create this soft, creamy, unmistakably fresh, and lightly scented organic butter, manufactured and packaged before it reaches consumers all over the world.

Lurpak is produced at the biggest butter dairy in the world with highest standard quality control, external assessment and multiple taste and test assessments during the whole production process thus ensuring premium quality in taste, smell, texture, appearance and packaging.

According to Arla, to create a ‘butter that is better’ there is no way other than to incorporate the best and most natural ingredients into its making; no additives and no preservatives. Working with this goal, Arla’s Lurpak has now successfully earned a distinguished image among the bakers as well as general consumers of Europe. Even when compared to other brands of butter sold in Bangladesh the distinctive flavour, creamy texture, and aromatic overtones of Lurpak helps it stand apart from its competitors.

Butter has been a breakfast staple for as long as we can remember. Be it the thin creamy layer on a slice of toasted bread, a buttery omelette or a small cube of butter slowly melting over a stack of pancakes, butter is at the heart of breakfast. And although with rising health awareness among people, the debate on the right amount of butter seems to be endless because of its sodium content, it is hard to imagine a happy breakfast time without it.

Well, the good news with Lurpak is that it also has an unsalted variant. As it allows you to take control of the amount of salt in your meals and any recipe, it is indeed perfect for enjoying breakfast without a worry of the world. Lurpak is also a rich source of several vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, B12, etc. Its higher smoke point than local butter makes it suitable for high heat cooking as well.

The cosy winter days of December are upon us and the festivities are already underway. Baked chicken, roast beef, butter garlic rice, homemade butter cookies, pies, chocolate or lemon cake, cinnamon buns; the list of our favourite dishes really is endless and so is our use of butter this month. This is definitely the time of the year when each of us turn into a version of Gordon Ramsey and will pay extra attention to each of our ingredients. So, you lay out all your best recipes for Christmas, New Year’s and endless winter gatherings, make sure you are choosing the very best of this component.

With its light weight and subtle texture, Lurpak will guarantee you bring out top meals this season that will have your loved ones talking for months to come. Trust us, the chef in you will be thanking Lurpak later.