December 1, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

I really like this Healthy Breakfast

Looking to grab first chair on one of Summit County’s ski resorts? Check out these grab-and-go breakfast options.

In addition to a menu featuring breakfast and lunch options, Inxpot in Keystone’s River Run Village also has a full bar. One of the cocktails on the menu is a bloody mary.
Inxpot/Courtesy photo

Summit County takes its skiing and riding seriously. With four resorts nestled within its county lines, those who are passionate about the sport will hustle to make “first chair,” the term used to describe someone nabbing the first seat on the lift heading up the mountain. 

Not only does grabbing first chair earn bragging rights, but it delivers some of the best powder of the day. The untouched, fluffy snow is the holy grail of the sport and worth an early rise. 

But before a dedicated skier or rider can take advantage of that snow, they must fuel up. What better way to do that than by stopping at a local eatery and grabbing a quick breakfast before ascending the mountain? 

Keystone Resort

One of the best places to grab a healthy yet delicious breakfast is at Inxpot. The restaurant is the second-oldest business located in River Run in the heart of Keystone Resort, and it’s found right along the main path to the River Run Gondola and Summit Express lifts at 195 River Run Road.

Shervin Rashidi, who manages the restaurant’s daily operations, said when the owners first opened up the business in 1995, they wanted it to be a gathering place where people could relax and mingle. The shop encourages people to “live in the moment,” which is why there’s no Wi-Fi offered. 

“We have a little quirky saying in there that says, ‘Pretend it’s 1995.’” Rashidi said. 

One of the best options on the menu for a quick and easy breakfast is toasts. Rashidi said customers can build their own open-faced creation starting at $5. Depending on how many toppings are added, an order could max out at $10. Some common orders from customers include avocado toast, peanut butter and jelly and a BLT. 

Inxpot opens at 7 a.m. daily. Rashidi noted that the shop can become busy first thing in the morning, so he recommends showing up early to place an order or to order online at the shop’s website at

Inxpot opened in Keystone’s River Run Village in 1995, and the owners hoped it would be a gathering place for people passing through the resort. Since it opened, the shop has never offered Wi-Fi.
Inxpot/Courtesy photo

Copper Mountain Resort 

For those that remember Log Cabin Cafe, the restaurant still has a small presence just across the street from its former location on Frisco’s Main Street. Former employee Brooke Barry bought the burrito recipe from the restaurant’s former owner, and in February 2022 she officially opened Log Cabin Breakfast Burritos. 

The truck is located at 214 E. Main St. near Moose Jaw. Barry said she arrives at the truck around 4:30 a.m. each morning to prepare the ingredients for about 35 to 40 burritos that are ready to go when she opens at 7 a.m. She could sell out fast, but that doesn’t mean she’s done for the day. Barry said she can replenish the burritos quickly, and she’s working on hiring more help to speed up the process. 

Barry offers three different kinds of burritos: bacon, sausage and veggie. All three are served with a homemade salsa, hasbrowns, cheese and eggs. They cost $8, including tax, and the truck also serves coffee, bottled water and orange juice. 

In addition to the burritos, Barry is also offering “waffles on a stick.” They have unique flavors, like chicken and waffles, or toppings such as bacon or sausage. One order usually costs $4 to $6. 

Log Cabin Breakfast Burritos is open at 7 a.m. every day of the week except Monday and Tuesday. New hours will launch in December after taking November off. Visit for more information. 

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

Depending on how you head to Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, you should veer off at Silverthorne and stop at Melody’s Food Cart in the parking lot of The Bakers’ Brewery at 531 Silverthorne Lane. 

One of the most unique concoctions on the menu are the breakfast crunchwraps. Owner Trevor Rhodes said he wanted to offer a grab-and-go option that few other businesses had. After surveying the ingredients he already had on hand, he came up with the crunchwrap idea. 

The food cart offers many different flavors, including a sausage and gravy option or a chili and chorizo one made with the brewery’s chili. In the past, Rhodes has also had specialties like a breakfast gyro or steak and guacamole. The newest debut is a breakfast club. Customers can build their own, too.

The crunchwraps cost about $12 after tax. Customers can either call ahead at 719-205-2804 or order in person. Melody’s Food Cart is open every day at 7 a.m. except for Wednesdays. For more information, visit the cart’s Facebook page

Breckenridge Ski Resort 

Located right on Breckenridge Main Street is Cool River Coffee House, which has been a staple of the town’s dining scene since 2002. Diane Burris has been the owner and operator of the coffee shop since 2016 and has grown the menu to what it is today. There, people can find variety of breakfast tacos perfect for those looking to get a quick, yet tasty, bite to eat. 

The tacos are served on either corn or four tortillas, and options include a vegan taco served with Beyond chorizo and tofu scrambler; a sweet bacon taco served with sweet potatoes and eggs; and a veggie breakfast taco. The price usually falls between $10 and $12 for an order of three. 

“The breakfast tacos are really popular, and they’re delicious,” Burris said. “I don’t think there’s many other people doing breakfast tacos up here, so it’s fun. I try to always find a niche. I don’t want to do what everybody else is doing.” 

Burris said her shop takes pride in putting together orders quickly. She said customers can call in right at 7 a.m. when the shop opens at 970-453-1716. However, they may not be able to get to the phone once the morning rush begins. They also accept orders online.

Cool River Coffee House is open daily. Visit for more information.

This story originally published in the winter 2022-23 edition of Explore Breckenridge and Summit County magazine.