November 30, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

I really like this Healthy Breakfast

Quick and affordable to-go breakfast burritos in OC | Lifestyle

Nothing beats breakfast food at any time during the day. Breakfast burritos are the perfect meals for hungry college students  that can be held in one hand as you are walking to campus or finishing a last-minute assignment.  

Here are four spots in Orange County that serve the best breakfast burritos worth your buck.

Troy’s Drive In – Orange

Troy’s Drive In always has a line of hungry people off of Lincoln Avenue. With its retro style, Troy’s serves up massive burritos stuffed with your favorite breakfast sides for only $6.25.

The bacon, egg and potato burrito has an even distribution of each ingredient, making every bite the perfect bite. Whether you prefer mild or hot, Troy’s green salsa will add the perfect kick of spice and flavor to your burrito. Or, if spice is too much to handle, adding ketchup gives it an even better taste. 

Troy’s Drive In is located at 404 E. Lincoln Ave. St., in Orange.

Pepe’s Finest – Fullerton 

About three minutes from Cal State Fullerton on 821 N. Placentia Ave. is Pepe’s Finest Mexican Food, a favorite local breakfast joint.

Their burritos are large and sure to leave you satisfied. With options ranging from chorizo, shredded beef, egg, potato, bacon and beans, each burrito is enhanced by your choice of fresh salsa or green chili pork sauce. The beans and cheese combined with potato, egg and bacon make a hefty burrito that will leave you some leftovers for lunch the next day. Make sure to add a little pico de gallo salsa to elevate its flavor.

Due to its proximity to campus, Pepe’s is the perfect place to grab an affordable bite before heading to class. Burritos range from $6.26 to $8.96. 

George’s Burgers – Fullerton

George’s Burgers in Fullerton has a jam-packed menu with all your restaurant favorites, including bulky breakfast burritos. One of the more unique aspects of this restaurant is that they grill their tortillas for an added smokey flavor and crispy texture. The tortilla is an ideal contrast to the soft potatoes and delicate eggs inside that give you a crunch in every bite. Don’t be afraid to add their house ranch. 

If you’re looking for a generous serving, head to George’s Burgers in downtown Fullerton at 815 W. Commonwealth Ave. 

Nate’s Korner – Santa Ana

While Nate’s Korner started with a focus on sandwiches, it has since expanded to salads and their breakfast burritos. Eggs, hash browns and different meats such as ham, bacon, steak and chicken are available. Nate’s Favorite for $10.99 is a burrito with egg whites, black beans, grilled onions, serrano peppers, mushrooms, avocado, cheese and salsa for those looking for a healthy option on a whole wheat tortilla.  

Though this burrito has all your vegetables in one serving, the spiciness from the added Tapatio may be too much heat for some. However, the mix of flavors from the grilled onions balances out the fiery ingredients, such as the serrano peppers and salsa. And, they can turn any of the burritos into a breakfast bowl. 

Nate’s Korner is found at 3960 S. Main St., Santa Ana.