December 1, 2023

Healthy Breakfast

I really like this Healthy Breakfast

Traveling With Psoriasis: Top Tips to Prevent Flares

I’ve always loved to travel (and even majored in geography in college!) but psoriasis often got in the way. Skin care on the road felt overwhelming with many medications and moisturizers to pack, and the stress of travel often caused a psoriasis flare.

In the past decade I’ve seen an improvement in my psoriasis symptoms with biologic treatments and have felt more confident about traveling. But the COVID-19 lockdowns in March 2020 came at an inopportune time, just when I’d started a four-month sabbatical from work and had booked several trips.

A vacation in Hawaii with my wife to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, a journey to China with my parents: Sadly, we had to cancel everything.

Traveling After a COVID-19 Pause Meant Relearning Some Skills

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to ease, I started thinking about traveling again. This year I’ve made five trips to Southern California to see parents and taken a father-son trip to Seattle, patient advocacy trips to Philadelphia and Chicago, and another trip to Chicago for work.